Why auto thread is useful

It’s extremely hard to index content in a regular text channel with no threads as it lacks an indication of where the conversation starts and ends. Auto Thread creates a thread for every message in a channel, making it easier to keep discussions on track. You may want to use this in a channel where you want a lighter weight version of a forum channel.

While Answer Overflow supports indexing threaded channels, we recommend using forum channels instead as they are better suited for indexing.

How to enable

Use /channel-settings in the channel you want to enable auto thread in. Click the menu and then click .

How it works:

  • When a user posts a message, the bot will automatically create a thread for that message
  • The thread name will be in the format of [Nickname]-[Message Content...] to a length of 50 characters for the title


To get the most out of this feature, we recommend:

  • Set slow mode to at least 1 minute to prevent users from spamming threads


Use /channel-settings in the channel you want to disable auto thread in. Click the menu followed by clicking .