Set your server type to community so you can have a server description, forum channels, and membership screening.


Answer Overflow syncs your server description with your community page on Answer Overflow so you don’t have to worry about keeping them in sync. Make sure to set a good description for your server so people know what it’s about.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out the following resources:

Discord Servers:

Blog Posts:

Channel Type

The best discord channel type to use is a forum channel as it requires questions to be answered in a thread. This helps significantly with indexing content as it’s easy to tell where the question related content starts and ends.

Default Reaction

Set the default reaction as a ⬆️ emoji (or something similar) so people can upvote questions that they also have. This allows people answering questions in your community to know what to prioritize.


Create tags for your topics

Tags help to organize your forum channel, rather than having a bunch of text channels for different topics, you can create tags for each topic.

Use emojis in your tags

Using emojis helps people to quickly scan the contents of your forum channel. They also help with organizing and archiving your content

Require tags when posting

Requiring tags when posting helps to keep your forum channel organized and requires people to make sure they are posting in the right place.

If you only have a few tags or one support channel, you can add a misc tag for people to use as a fallback

Have a ✅ Solved tag

It’s useful to have a ✅ Solved tag that people can add to their question when it’s been answered. Answer Overflow will use your solved tag when a question is answered and highlight the answer on the message result page.