This will walk you through the steps to enable indexing of a channel in your server

1. Add the bot to your server

Answer Overflow requires all the permissions it requests, if you disable them it may not work properly.

2. Use /channel-settings in a channel you want to enable indexing in

Click on the Indexing settings button to open the indexing settings menu. For a full overview of what these options do, see the Channel Settings page.

Click on the Enable indexing button to enable indexing in the channel.

You’re setup and ready to go! The content of this channel will now be indexed into web search engines like Google.

Users have to be marked as consenting to publicly display their messages in order for their messages to be shown publicly. You can read more about this in the displaying messages section.

3. Next steps

While your channel is now indexed, there’s more you can do to boost the amount of content that will be indexed.

Make sure to: