Forum Guidelines Consent

Forum Guidelines Consent

What it looks like

Forum channel with the consent prompt in the post guidelines

What it does:

  • When a user posts a message in a forum channel they will be marked as consenting to publicly display their messages if:
    • They have not already set their consent state
    • They have not disabled indexing of their messages
    • They have not set their account to be ignored


Use /channel-settings in the channel you want to enable in. Click the Indexing settings menu, followed by clicking Enable forum guidelines consent. You are only able to enable this in a forum channel, you can open these settings from any post in that channel.

You must have the following in your forum guidelines for this feature to work:

This server uses Answer Overflow to index content on the web. By posting in this channel your messages will be indexed on the web to help others find answers.

Editing forum channel guidelines


Use /channel-settings in the channel you want to disable auto thread in. Click the Indexing settings menu and then click Disable forum guidelines consent.

  • Users who have already consented will not be affected by disabling this feature